Les Shaw (les) wrote,
Les Shaw

Dreams do come true.

We have been swamped , summer is normally a slow time in the computer field. But we have not even had time for a breather.
Our online ording system has been working great. Customer orders and the order goes to the distributor, our techcentre and the customer. Delivery is with in one to two days.
Service has reached a all time high, we have a strong team. Everyone is working like clock work, we will more than likely be hiring more on site techs by the end of summer.
The show is coming along nicely and we get to check out the new set tonight , and meet with the new producer. We have our demmands and it feels good that they will be accepted, as they are things that should have been given to us with out asking.
Our move into the Toronto and Ottawa market was the best move we have ever made.
I have a dream :) , and it is coming together.

Thanks to all for helping and understanding there is a goal. Oh , and we won a award for our site!

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