Les Shaw (les) wrote,
Les Shaw

Wow , Cleaner day , Stress filled ..

Been ages since I updated my journal.

The Show has been a great success this year , We have met hundreds of people that have thanked us for doing the show and that have been longtime viewers.
Goes to show that we are not doing it all in vain. The cost to us has been great.

We have spent about 7000 to get the show on, even thought Rogers @ Home is sponsoring it . Really can't figure out why it is costing us anything. But we keep going.

I quit smoking two weeks ago and still going strong, Feeling clearer and cleaner. Food taste different to, no major weightgain in fact with the extra energy weightloss has been my side effect.

Keeping the show , my contract and the store running has been stress filled. Always the way.

Well till next I write dear Journal ... ta ta
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