Les Shaw (les) wrote,
Les Shaw

Longtime, I fly to Las Vegas this Week !!

Well things have been going well. Work, Company, TV Show and personnel life. Girlfriend and I have been well over a year coming September it will be Two years.

After a long hard stab at the Company we decided we took a break and left Oshawa. Called the Travel Agent and she shot us a list of places , and though Jamaica was my first choice but Las Vegas was the one we decided on.

We are going to be picked up by Limo at the office at 12:00. We will then be drive to the airport where our flight leaves at 3:45. We get to Las Vegas just before 5 and then we will be driven from the airport to the All New Aladdin ... With a whirlpool and window of the Strip.

We come back Sunday , and rest for the day of Monday , which I have off but Deb has to work. So when I get back I will update you all.
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