Les Shaw (les) wrote,
Les Shaw

Been a nasty summer , one I will never forget

When the summer started everything was peachy !
Had started a TV production company , working hard on contract and my store was running strong... all seemed to be roses.

Then we came to July 25th, this is the day I awoke to hear my father going out about 6 am, little did I know that would be last I would ever hear from him. That day was the day where nothing else mattered but to find my father.
Sept 4th we found out we had failed , my father was found passed away in his car at kirkland lake. We are sure he had gone there to look at cottage property to by as he had just sold his other cottage.

This was the worst I had ever felt , over the next little while we did what a sone has to do to be sure his father is rememebered and that he is laid to rest with dignity. I feel my father is proud as my sister and I did just that.
We are still going on the air with a few changes, I am more hard core, and have grown a lot hoping I haven't lost all of my innocence. My 36th birthday was spent at the funernal home planning my father's funeral.

Really makes you look at the reality of life and how easy it can be taken away..

I don't whine, I go on .. and that is what we all will do everyday.. but I will see the beauty in things a lot more, and cherish everyminute. As they say don't sweat the small stuff.
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