Les Shaw (les) wrote,
Les Shaw

Dear Debra Ann Hodgins my Baby Sister

Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your Journey, you have made us richer people by letting us know you and showing us that helping people is the greatest joy in life.

Though your journey through life was far too short we can only be glad that in some small way we were able to share it with you.

Your bravery and heart gave to others the blessing to share and rejoice in the days you spent with us. You never let us forget that you love each and everyone of us, not by the things we did but just because we were there.

In each of your children’s eyes and hearts we see you, and in your choice of a life mate we see that your ability to make wise and loving choices made your life full of joy. We promise that each life event the Michael, Kendlyn, Jeremy and Emily will have, the family will be there to smile and rejoice because you made it happen.

As each tear falls to mother earth, it is the sadness that we will miss you and joy that we were able to share in your love and your journey.

When last we met you stood in the rain, because you could and you embraced it because you wanted too and to us you were all that mattered. We stand strong knowing that you loved us all and only hope to help and touch as many people as you have.

Sleep well my baby sister rest assured that your journey was remarkable; your touch has changed so many lives and that makes you live forever in our hearts and spirt. Now that you and Dad can rest while we continue on our journey your souls will help guide us everyday.

Love always

Your Older but not wiser Brother

Leslie David Shaw Junior
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You have remarkable spirit. I'm sure she's proud of you.

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